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About Us

Core Abilities

Research And Development
As a custom mold maker, Chan Way has advanced equipment and a professional R&D team with proficient technology to offer custom mold making services, communicate with customers two-way, and develop precise parts that meet the needs of customers. To achive the high quality custom mold making service, we will use the mold offset prediction system for pre-simulation to ensure subsequent perform mold stamping or plastic injection molding process.
Manufacturing Capacity
Chan Way has continuously optimized the manufacturing process, adopted intelligent systems "integrated ERP system", "collaborative APS system", and "execute automated production line" to provide real-time and transparent WIP information on the production line. When there is an abnormality in the production process, it can be notified immediately. Import monitoring and statistical analysis of product manufacturing process related information can reduce processing time and ensure product quality.
Quality Control
To implement the quality management policy at Chan Way, we have launched a full-staff quality management mechanism, equipped with sophisticated measuring instruments in the quality control department, conducting strict quality inspections, paying attention to every detail in the manufacturing process, and formulating quality regulations to ensure quality. Only zero-defect stamping parts or injection mold products can pass these strict quality control measures. Self-demand is also Chan Way's quality commitment to each customer.

Why Choose Us

  • 25,000
    Customized Parts

    The monthly production capacity of customized parts can reach more than 25,000. The processing field includes mold parts, mechanical parts, fixtures, electrodes, etc. Strictly select the original steel products from the original supplier.

  • 30

    As a professional custom mold maker, we offer mold making services. Our monthly production capacity of mold manufacturing can reach more than 30 sets. By using software simulation analysis and high-precision equipment with the precision process to ensure the production quality of the custom molds.

  • 100,000
    Injection Molding

    The plastic molding injection production line has passed the 100,000-level clean room certification. Production line has introduced automated manufacturing to provide high-efficiency and high-quality mass production.


  • Automotive Industry
    Automotive Industry
  • Mobile Device Industry
    Mobile Device Industry
  • Medical Device Industry
    Medical Device Industry
  • Textile Industry
    Textile Industry

News & Events

10/17 2023 FAKUMA
Date : 2023/10/17-21
Booth No.: A1-1224
2023 MSV International Engineering
08/16 2023 MSV International Engineering
Date : 2023/10/10-13
Booth No.: A10
2023年台湾精密加工部品調達商談会 (東京/名古屋/大阪)
08/16 2023年台湾精密加工部品調達商談会 (東京/名古屋/大阪)
Date : 2023/9/25,27,28
9月25日(月) 東京
9月27日(水) 名古屋 & 9月28日(木) 大阪
05/25 Sodick User Report

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